“Banana”, “Bananas” in Lebanese Arabic


In Lebanese Arabic, “Banana” and “Bananas” are both written using the Latin script as:


In Lebanese Arabic, both of these words are written as:


Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Do you sell bananas?”

(m) Btebi3 moz?

(f) Betbi3e moz?

بتبيع موز؟ (m)

بتبيعي موز؟ (f)

“Can I buy these bananas?”

Fine 2eshtere 2el moz?

فيني اشتري الموز؟

“Here is a banana.”

Hayda moz.

.هيدا موز

“Would you like a banana?”

(m) Betheb moz?

(f) Bethebe moz?

بتحب الموز؟ (m)

بتحبي الموز؟ (f)

“I’m enjoying this banana.”

2na ktir habayt hal moz.

.انا كتير حبيت هالموز


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