“How much does it cost?” in Arabic Egyptian


In Arabic Egyptian, “How much does it cost?” is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, bekam is written as:


Listen to this word or phrase pronounced (audio)

Examples in sentences

“How much does the orange cost?”

Bekam El Bortoaan?

بكام البرتقان؟


“How much does the taxi cost?”

Bekam El Taxi?

بكام التاكسي؟


“How much does the flafl cost?”

Bekam El flafl?

بكام الفلافل؟


“How much does the blanket cost?”

“Bekam El btanya?”

بكام البطانية؟


“How much for a one night stay?”

Bekam el lelaah?

بكام الليلة؟

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