“Left” in Egyptian Arabic


In Egyptian Arabic, “left” (the direction) is written, using the Latin script, as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


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Examples in sentences

“You can turn left here.”

Tea’dar tedkhol shemal hena.

.تقدر تدخل شمال هنا


“The key should be in the drawer on the left.”

El moftah el mafrod yekon fel dorg aala el shemal.

.المفتاح المفروض يكون في الدرج على الشمال


“The elevator on the left is available.”

El asansair ely aala el shemal shaghal.

.الاسانسير الي علي الشمال شغال


“At the second street, turn left.”

Fel shareaa el tany edkhol shemal.

.في الشارع التاني ادخل شمال


“If you look to the left, you’ll be looking westward.”

Law basait shemal, hatkon bases lel gharb.

.لو بصيت شمال هتكون باصص للغرب


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