“Over” in Egyptian Arabic


In Egyptian Arabic, “over” (the direction) is written, using the Latin script, as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


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Examples in sentences

“Go over the hill and you will arrive.”

Roh aala el tal w enta hatwsal.

روح على التل وانت هتوصل.


“The city is over two hours away still.”

El madina aala boaad saateen lesa.

المدينة على بعد ساعتين لسة.


“Over is the opposite of under.”

Aala aaks taht.

على عكس تحت.


“Over there is the keys.”

El mafateeh henak

المفاتيح هناك


“Once you cross over the bridge, turn right.”

Mogard ma ta’dy el gesr khosh Yemen.

مجرد ما تعدى الجسر خش يمين

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