Bronze Age Palaikastro Crete w. Professor Carl Knappett

The Bronze Age urban centre of Palaikastro on the Island of Crete remarkably persisted for over two millennia, and peculiarly, may never have had a palatial building. Professor Carl Knappett, Walter Graham/Homer Thompson Chair in Aegean Prehistory, Department of Art History, University of Toronto, joins the show to share what’s known about this ancient Minoan community.

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Show Notes

  • Professor Knappett has written many publications including authoring the monograph Aegean Bronze Age Art: Meaning in the Making (Cambridge University Press, 2020)
  • Carl Knappett’s team is completing a monograph on a 2013-2015 excavation project at Palaikastro in which Professor Knappett was director of—the monograph is to act as a report on the team’s findings

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