Byzantine Canon Law w. Dr James Morton

British historian, Dr James Morton, Assistant Professor, Department of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, joins the show to discuss Byzantine Canon law.

Some topics explored

  • What Byzantine Canon law is
  • How it deviated from the Roman church
  • The Council of Nicaea
  • The Council of Chalcedon
  • The Council of Ephesus
  • Constantine I legalizing Christianity (Edited of Milan, 315 AD)
  • Theodosius the I making Christianity the state religion (380 AD)
  • Emperors Constantine I and Constantine V
  • Emperor Justinian in regards to the Justinian Code
  • The etymology of the term Canon
  • The process of canon creation and promulgation
  • How Canon laws were disseminated
  • How Canon laws were enforced
  • Some of the logistical challenges with codifying Canon laws over time
  • Examples of Byzantine Canon laws
  • To what degree remnants of it exists in certain Christian denominations (e.g., Greek Orthodox Church) today

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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