Carthage After the First Punic War w. Dr Kathryn Lomas

There was an approximate 23-year interregnum between the first and second Punic Wars. Dr Kathryn Lomas, Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Classics and Ancient History, Durham University, joins the show to explain what occurred with Carthage during this period.

Some topics explored

  • Why the First Punic War started and the circumstances around how it ended
  • The Peace Treaty between Rome and Carthage
  • Interwar period (241 and 218 BCE)
  • What Carthage’s territories were at the start of the First Punic War and after the war ended
  • The peace treaty terms between Rome and Carthage, including Carthage seeding its territory in Sicily and repatriating Rome financially
  • A civil war in Carthage after the first war completed
  • Hamilcar Barcar
  • Hannibal Barcar
  • Hanno
  • Carthage building up their state in the Iberian Peninsula
  • Alicante and Cartegena in the Iberian Peninsula (present day Spain)
  • Rome annexing Sardinia and Corsica from Carthage during the interwar period
  • The circumstances surrounding the Second Punic War starting

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Show Notes

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