Constructing the City of Republican Rome w. Dr. Seth Bernard

University of Toronto, Associate Professor, Dr. Seth Bernard, joins the show to discuss how the city of Rome in the republican period was constructed.

Some topics explored

  • Types of construction including: Aqueducts, roads, basilicas, etc.
  • Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus (located at the Capitoline Hill)
  • The materials used to build roads (e.g., Via Appia)
  • The Via Appia (Appian Way), one of the earliest and most important roads in the Roman Republic
  • Materials used for construction including volcanic stone, marble, and concrete
  • Where materials are being sourced from and how they were conveyed into the city
  • Building codes and other related legislation (e.g., The Twelve Tables) in the period
  • Writings of Vitruvius, Livy and Cicero
  • Urban planning—practices and aspirations
  • Home ownership
  • Construction companies
  • Labour force including compulsory labour required of citizens work and slavery
  • A real estate company that Marcus Licinius Crassus (a former Consul and one of the statesmen of the First Triumvirate) operated
  • The roles of architectures and engineers
  • Training and education for those in the construction sector

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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