Evolution of the Company in the Eastern Mediterranean w. Dr Ron Harris

The Levant, Egypt, Italian city states, Caliphates, and more, all played a role in the evolution of the concept of a company in the eastern Mediterranean. Tel Aviv University professor, and former Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr Ron Harris, joins the show to discuss.

Some topics explored

  • When companies start to form in the eastern Mediterranean
  • Early financial lending
  • Trade in this period in the region
  • Early independent contractors and employees
  • How shipwrecks help scholars infer information on this topic
  • Sea loans including being known to have been invented in the eastern Mediterranean
  • Muziris papyrus, an important archaeological discovery in Egypt, that details the longest known trade in Antiquity (a transaction between India and Rome)
  • Italian city-states role
  • Greek colonies
  • The creation of equity partnerships by Muslim people
  • Guilds and their role in the economy
  • The Roman Catholic Church being the first invention of a corporation
  • The Levant Company (est. 1581)—the first joint stock company to trade in the Mediterranean
  • When and what types of private sector corporations started to become more prevelant in the eastern Mediterranean

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Show Notes

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