Formation & Enforcement of Canon Law in Late Antiquity w. Dr David d’Avray

Emeritus Professor Dr David d’Avray, University College London, joins the show to discuss the formation, and enforcement, of Canon law in the Late Antiquity period.

Some topics explored

  • Council of Nicaea (AD 325)
  • Acts of the apostles in the New Testament
  • Jewish laws
  • First papal canon law
  • Pope Siricius
  • Pope Innocent I
  • Bishop Himerius of Tarragona
  • Why the Christian orbit of power was in Rome
  • Examples of Canon laws
  • If Canon law could be changed by the Bishop of Rome (the Pope) of the time
  • The fall of the Western Roman Emperor
  • Emperor Constantine I, his splitting of the Roman Empire, and his convoking of the Council of Nicaea
  • The dynamic and relationship between different dioceses such as Cartage and Alexandria with Rome
  • Canon law in the eastern church (Constantinople)
  • The East-West Schism and when Dr d’Avray believes the schism occurred
  • Canon laws in different church types
  • The dynamics of enforcement of Canon law
  • How the process of Canon law worked including the process of correspondence between the Roman church and a separate diocese

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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