Founding of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt w. Dr Nicky Nielsen

The Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt saw increased political stability and achievements on foreign and domestic fronts. Danish Egyptologist, Dr Nicky Nielsen, Senior Lecturer in Egyptology, The University of Manchester, returns to the show to discuss the circumstances surrounding the founding of the Nineteenth Dynasty.

Some topics explored

  • The classical Egyptian priestess, Manetho, documenting history of Egypt and constructing the concept of the 30 dynasties
  • Events during Tutankhamun’s reign, many of which were done by leaders in Tutankhamun’s court
  • Details on the later period of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt
  • The Pharaoh Ay, who succeeded Tutankhamun
  • The Hittites state, conflict between the two, and an eventual peace treaty between the two
  • A succession crises after Tutankhamun’s death between Ay and Horemheb
  • The Pharaoh Horemheb, who succeeded Pharaoh Ay, and who is considered conventionally the last pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty
  • Dr Nielsen’s belief that Horemheb fits between as the first pharaoh of the Nineteenth (19th) dynasty (and therefore, Ay, would be the last pharaoh in this proposed model)
  • The Great Edict of Horenheb
  • Horemheb marrying twice but having no children, and appointing a military commander in his administration, Menpehtyre, as his successor, who already had a son, Seti I, and may have already had a grand son (Ramsesses II)
  • Menpehtyre changing his name to Ramsesses I after taking the throne
  • The etymology of the name Ramsses
  • The naming convention of pharaohs in this period of time
  • The new dynasty not being of a typical family that would historically have been selected
  • The commencement of the nineteenth dynasty
  • A summary of Pharaoh Ramsesses I’s reign
  • A summary of Pharaoh Seti I’s reign, including his foreign affairs and domestic projects
  • A summary of Ramsesses II’s reign, including his foreign affairs and domestic affairs
  • The significance of Ninteenth Dynasty on Egyptian history

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