Greek Hoplites w. Dr Adam Schwartz

Hoplites were Greek people, many of which were citizens, who fought in battles as their city-states required. Dr Adam Schwartz, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, joins the show to explain this military post in ancient Greek history.

Some topics explored

  • What hoplites were
  • Who served as hoplites
  • The etymology and origin of the term Hoplite
  • Some of the early citations of Hoplites or the type of soldier in Greek writings (including literature)
  • To what degree its speculated they used horses, and what for
  • What phalanx tactic was in battle and why it was important for Hoplites to use
  • What rewards, if any, existed for those that participated as Hoplites
  • The arms and armour Hoplites used
  • Why many of the Hoplites are thought to have been well-off with means
  • How Sparta differed in their relationship to Hoplites from other Greek city-states
  • If non-citizens such as enslaved people ever served as Hoplites
  • Why Hoplites eventually became obsolete

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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