Life of Mark Antony w. Dr Richard Alston

Mark Antony was a prominent figure in Rome’s transition from a republic to an empire; he was also famously a partner of Cleopatra VII of Egypt. Professor Richard Alston, Royal Holloway, University of London, is back on the show to discuss what’s known about his life.

Some topics explored

  • What’s known about when and where he was born
  • His education and schooling in Greece
  • His early years as an Auger
  • The start of his military career
  • His relationship over the years with Julius Caesar
  • Becoming one of the three of the First Triumvirate
  • His meeting of Cleopatra VII and eventually forming a relationship and being the father of two of her children
  • How Romans and Egyptians looked as deities at this period of time
  • The Battle of Actium
  • Mark Antony eventually committing suicide and dying in Cleopatra’s arms

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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