Mycenaean Period w. Dr. Michael Galaty

The Mycenaean Greeks, during the Bronze Age, were one of the most prominent civilization(s) in the Mediterranean Basin. Archaeologist, Dr. Michael Galaty, University of Michigan, and Andrew Schiestel, speak more about this civilization and period in history.

Some topics explored

  • Who were the Mycenaeans and what is their significance today;
  • How do the Mycenaean Greeks intertwine with Homer’s epics including The Iliad & The Odyssey;
  • What were their palaces like;
  • What were some of the potential reasons that caused their civilizations to decline.

Listen to the episode

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About Dr. Galaty 

Michael Galaty received his Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin. He is an archaeologist and directs field projects in Greece and Albania. He studies the rise of complex societies and has written extensively on the Mycenaean states. His book on the tribal cultures of northern Albania, titled Light and Shadow: Isolation and Interaction in the Shala Valley of Northern Albania, won the 2014 SAA Book Award. He is Professor, Anthropology, at University of Michigan, and Director and Curator, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology.

Show Notes

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