Mycenaean Settlements on Mainland Greece w. Dr. Kim Shelton

he Mycenaeans were a group of prehistoric Greek people. Dr. Kim Shelton, Associate Professor of Classics & Director, Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology, University of California, Berkley, joins the show to share what’s known about their settlements on mainland Greece and how the settlements would have been used in the Bronze Age.

“Kim Shelton directs three excavation programs in Greece: Petsas House at the prehistoric site of Mycenae, the classical sanctuary of Zeus in Nemea, and the Late Bronze Age cemetery of Aidonia.”

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Show Notes

  • Dr. Shelton provided these additional resource recommendations for listeners that are related to this topic: “French, E.B. 2002. Mycenae, Agamemnon’s capital, the site and its setting. Gloucestershire: Tempus Publishing”; “Schofield, Louise. 2007. The Mycenaeans. Los Angeles: Getty Museum”;; The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean (Oxford University Press, 2012; authored by a past guest on the show, Professor Louise Hitchcock, The University of Melbourne);

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