Phoenicians Settling in Iberia w. Dr. Carolina López-Ruiz

The Phoenician people were indigenous to the Levant, were considered ahead of their time as seafarers, and were the founders of the legendary city of Carthage. Dr. Carolina López-Ruiz, Professor, Department of Classics, The Ohio State University, joins the show to discuss the Phoenicians settling in the Iberian Peninsula.

Some topics explored

  • Who the Phoenicians were and what’s known about their government structure;
  • How they were able to establish settlement in Spain, so far away from Levant;
  • Early settlements in the Iberian Peninsula

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

Education – Professor Carolina López-Ruiz

  • M.A.-B.A. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 1995
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1995-96
  • Ph.D. University of Chicago 2005

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