Ptolemy I’s Reign in Egypt w. Dr Ian Worthington

By many standards, Ptolemy’s reign in Egypt was successful, including an heir, Ptolemy II, who succeeded him without turbulence. Professor Ian Worthington, Department of History and Archaeology, Macquarie University, returns to the show to analyze Ptolemy’s pharaohship in Egypt.

Professor Worthington appeared on the show previously in the episode King Philip II of Macedon w. Dr Ian Worthington (May 27, 2021)

Some topics explored

  • What scholars know about Ptolemy before he was a Satrap of Egypt
  • Ptolemy ruling Egypt before he was king
    In 306, Ptolemy calling himself king and why
  • Battle of Ipsus (301) and Antigonus’ defeat
  • Ptolemy’s desire to be King of Macedon and his failed efforts to invade Greece
  • The Wars of the Successors (as it related to succession after King Alexander III of Macedon’s life)
  • Egypt as a vibrant state
  • Ptolemy I’s death in 283
  • Ptolemy I’s son, Ptolemy II
  • Ptolemy’s domestic policy in Egypt including his maintaining an indigenous court system and permitting various customs to continue
  • Contrasting Ptolemy’s policies versus
  • Ptolemy’s application of resources and efforts towards improving Alexandria
  • His marriages and number of children
  • His wife Berenice and succeeding son Ptolemy II

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Show Notes

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