The Social War – Year 2 of 5 w. Dr. Seth Kendall

The Social War was a five-year war (91-87 BCE) fought between Rome and many of its allied communities—some communities pursued citizenship; others yearned for independence. Dr. Seth Kendall, Associate Professor, Georgia Gwinnett College, joins the show to explain the particulars of the second year of the war.

Some topics explored

  • Why the Social War began
  • A recap of the first year (91 BCE) of the Social War
  • The main allied communities that entered the war by this point against Rome
  • The number of battles in the years and how the two parties faired
  • Prominent Romans in the war: Marcus, Pompey, Crassus’ father, a relative of a Julius Caesar, Gaius Marius, Sulla & Marius
  • The antagonistic relationship with Sulla ad Marius
  • The responsibility of Consuls
  • Military and diplomatic items in 90 BCE
  • The Consul Lucius Julius Caesar (not the proverbial Julius Caesar) having a law passed that essentially made allied communities Roman citizens if they joined Rome in the war and details about who accepted the offer at this juncture
  • The relationship with communities like the Latins
  • How the second year of the war rapped up

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Show Notes

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