Venice During the Renaissance w. Dr. Edward Muir

Dr. Edward Muir, Northwestern University, joins the show to talk about Venice during the Renaissance: island infrastructure projects, trade, governance, level of religious tolerance, & more.

Professor Edward Muir is Clarence L. Versteeg Professor in the Arts and Sciences and Professor of History and Italian in the Department of History at Northwestern University.

Some topics explored

  • The demarcation of Venice’s land holdings during the Renaissance period
  • Venice as a republic and its governance model
  • How Doges were selected
  • The office of Rectors
  • Its relationship with Constantinople
  • Its maritime activities
  • How maritime explorations to South America, India, etc. by the Portuguese, Spanish, etc. affected Venice
  • How Doges were selected
  • The islands and infrastructure projects
  • Ravenna during the western Roman Empire period
  • Contrasting Venice versus Florence during the Renaissance period
  • Its population size estimates
  • The fall of Constantinople (1453) and how it affected Venice
  • A Christian court that operated at the Ottoman-controlled Constantinople that Venice used to interact with the Ottoman empire
  • The Black Death (in the 14th century) and how it impacted Venice
  • Religion orientations and tolerance in Venice during the period

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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