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Architecture in Giotto's Artwork w. Dr Francesco Benelli

Giotto di Bondone was a revolutionary artist from Florence who lived in the 13th & 14th centuries. Dr Francesco Benelli, Università di Bologna (Italy), joins the show to explain how architecture may have influenced Giotto's artwork, and how Giotto's artwork may have influenced architecture.

Some topics explored

  • Who was Giotto
  • Giotto's revolutionary painting of nature
  • His invention of the invention of modern portrait
  • Giotto’s early mentors and inspirations
  • Giotto’s study of ancient Roman sites and how he interpreted the vestiges in his artwork
  • How architecture influenced Giotto’s paintings
  • Architecture in Giotto's paintings
  • How Giotto’s artwork may have influenced architecture
  • The degree Giotto’s paintings are based on what he saw versus what he imagined
  • How Giotto’s paintings influenced future architectural paintings

Listen to the episode

The episode can be streamed below and is also available on major podcast apps: Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Amazon Music.

Show Notes

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