Monasticism During the Crusades w. Dr Andrew Jotischky

Professor, Medieval History, Royal Holloway, University of London, Dr Andrew Jotischky, joins the show to discuss monasticism, focusing on how it was applied during the crusading period in the eastern Mediterranean.

Some topics explored

  • The purpose of monasticism
  • Cenobitic monasticism
  • Anchoritic (hermit) monasticism
  • The two main types of Catholic monasteries
  • The concepts of austerity, chastity, and subordination within monasteries
  • Popular religions in the eastern Mediterranean region during the Crusading period
  • The Crusades, including why the Crusades began, and what their purpose was
  • How monasteries changed, if any, as the Latin army entered the eastern Mediterranean
  • Where monasticism is believed to have started
  • Differences and similarities between Catholic and Greek Orthodox monasteries and monastic life
  • How monasteries are segregated by gender

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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