Attica Greece in Late Antiquity w. Dr. Anthony Kaldellis

Dr. Anthony Kaldellis, Professor & Chair of the Department of Classics, The Ohio State University, joins the show to discuss what civilization was like in Attica, Greece (Athens & region) in Late Antiquity. He’s also the host of the podcast Byzantine & Friends.

Some topics explored

  • What the region of Attica, Greece, is demarcated to
  • Governance structure and administration in Attica (including Athens)
  • Late Antiquity
  • Different names Athens had
  • Kekrops (Cecrops) (an early king of Athens)
  • Athens as a cosmopolitan
  • Why Athens was a destination for higher education
  • The language and dialect used in Attica during this period
  • Notable thinkers and writers in the area and period
  • Products that were commonly produced
  • Its estimated population size
  • Home ownership and housing materials
  • Roman Emperor Justinian shutting down the pagan philosopher schools (529 AD)
  • Conflict in the regions in the latter period

Listen to the episode

The episode can be streamed below and is also available on major podcast apps: Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Amazon Music.

Show Notes

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