Papelería Eutimio – When Eutimio III was young (Alicante, Spain) 🇪🇸

Eutimio Fernández Pardo of Papelería Eutimio (Alicante, Spain), a third-generation co-owner, reminisces about his time visiting the store as a child and playing.

Eutimio Fernández Pardo is one of three brothers—including Victor and Francisco Fernández Pardo—who currently own Papeleria Eutimio. The paper and office supplies store was started in 1935 by their abuelo (grandfather) Eutimio Fernández Duque, and their padre (father), Eutimio Fernández Ripoll, directly proceeded the trio.

Papelería Eutimio appeared in this article —Papeleria Eutimio — Selling paper in Spain since 1935 (, January 24, 2022)

(Filmed, January 24, 2022)

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