Achaemenid Empire’s Hegemony in the Mediterranean w. Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

The Achaemenid Empire was the largest empire of its time and held substantial holdings in the eastern Mediterranean Basin. Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, Professor in Ancient History, Cardiff University, joins the show to discuss the Achaemenid Empire’s hegemony in the Mediterranean.

Some topics explored

  • How the Achaemenid Empire formed
  • Previous Persian Emperors Cyrus the Great, Darius I, & Xerxes I
  • The origins and etymology of the term Achaemenid and Persia
  • How it gained hegemony in the Mediterranean Basin including the Levant, Kingdom of Macedonia, & Egypt.
  • Early references to “Achaemenid” in writing on both the Persian and Greek sides
  • The demarcation of its empire including its holdings in the eastern Mediterranean
  • How it governed its provinces in the Mediterranean Basin including the position of Satraps
  • The empire’s tolerance towards preexisting religions, languages, and customs
  • Why the empire didn’t circumvent Greece and continue to expand to the west
  • The Achaemenid
  • The Greco-Persian Wars and what’s known and speculated about the sentiment that the Achaemenid Empire would have had to Greece
  • Why much less historical writings exist of this period of time when comparing to previous Greek historians
  • After over 200 years in power, the Achaemenid eventually falling
  • To what degree the empire’s influence on the Basin lives on contemporarily

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Show Notes

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