Life in Roman Egypt w. Dr. Anna Lucille Boozer

Rome ruled Egypt for several hundred years. Professor Anna Lucille Boozer, the Graduate Centre and Baruch College, The City University of New York, joins the show to discuss what life was like in Roman Egypt.

Some topics explored

  • How Rome came to rule Egypt
  • What interested Rome in Egypt
  • Different ethnic-based social and tax hierarchies established
  • What life was like in in Roman Egypt
  • The types of common professions in Egypt
  • Popular urban centres
  • Domestic life including living and sleeping arrangements in dwellings
  • The role of men and women in families
  • Religious worship, including how and where it was conducted
  • The use of slavery in Roman Egypt
  • Popular food and beverages in Egypt
  • How Rome eventually lost control of its rule in Egypt
  • How Rome’s hegemony for a period of time in Egypt may have influenced Egypt contemporarily

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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