Astronomy in Hellenistic & Roman Egypt w. Dr. Alexander Jones

Egypt is where astronomy is known to have begun in the Mediterranean Basin. Dr. Alexander Jones, Leon Levy Director & Professor of the History of the Exact Sciences in Antiquity, New York University, joins the show to explore what scholars know about the previous astronomy practices in Hellenistic & Roman Egypt.

Some topics explored

  • What ancient astronomy is
  • The interaction between ancient astronomy and astrology
  • Why astronomy was practiced in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt
  • Where some of the practices of astronomy
  • The practice of astronomy in temples in Egypt
  • How scholars know about how astronomy (written materials, inscription, and objects)
  • Traditional Egyptian religion
  • The degree to which equipment was used in this period
  • Sun dials and their purposes
  • Claudius Ptolemy (100-69 or 70 CE) and his role and influence on ancient astronomy
  • Ptolemy’s definition of astrology, his practice of cartography, and his invention of digitizing images
  • How the practice of astronomy in this period influenced future astronomical practices including Islamic and Medieval astronomy

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Show Notes

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