Colonnaded Streets in Eastern Rome w. Dr Ross Burns

Colonnaded streets were constructed in the eastern Roman Empire prior to occurring in the City of Rome. Australian scholar, Dr Ross Burns, joins the show to discuss what’s known about colonnaded streets that existed in the eastern Roman Empire.

Some topics explored

  • What colonnades are
  • The materials and parts
  • What colonnaded streets were and their purposes
  • How prevalent they were in cities in the eastern Roman Empire provinces
  • Who they were funded
  • Why there were more architects in the eastern versus the western
  • The level of coordination in the eastern provinces in developing them
  • The materials used to pave roads in the period
  • The degree they were architected for art and worship
  • How many years some of the projects took to complete
  • What regions and typical size of the city in the eastern Roman Empire were prevalent in Colonnaded streets

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Show Notes

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