Civilization in the Anatolian Peninsula in the Sixth Century w. Dr. Hugh Elton

Dr. Hugh Elton, Professor of Ancient Greek & Roman Studies, Trent University, joins the show to share what life was like in the Anatolian Peninsula in the sixth century C.E.

Some topics explored

  • The government and geopolitical environment at the time
  • Roman / Byzantine Emperor Anastasia
  • Roman / Byzantine Emperor Justinian
  • Where emperors ruled from in the century
  • What Constantinople proper was in the sixth century
  • What trade and commerce was like
  • Urban centres including the estimated number of cities in the peninsula during the century
  • What everyday life was like in Anatolia
  • Agriculture being a major economic driver
  • Food and beverages that were created, imported and consumed
  • Products created in the peninsula and imported
  • Conflicts during the century that affected the peninsula
  • How civilization changed over the century

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Show Notes

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