King Juba II of Mauretania w. Dr. Duane W. Roller

Juba II of Mauretania was married to Cleopatra VII of Egypt’s daughter, Cleopatra Selene II, was king of the ancient indigenous Maghreb state of Mauretania, and received the epithet The Scholarly King. Dr. Duane W. Roller, Professor Emeritus, Department of Classics, The Ohio State University, joins the show again to discuss Juba’s life.

Some topics explored

  • What’s known about where and when he was born
  • His father, King Juba I of Mauretania
  • How Rome’s civil wars affected Juba’s life
  • Juba being raised in Rome
  • Juba meeting and marrying Cleopatra Selene II
  • His writings during his youth
  • Becoming king and reigning Mauretania with Cleopatra Selene
  • What’s known about his children Ptolemy of Mauretania, including Ptolemy becoming king of Mauretania after Juba’s father, and Ptolemy’s eventual execution in Rome
  • The death of Cleopatra Selene II
  • His expeditions to Arabia and the Levant
  • His coining of the name Canary Islands
  • His second marriage to Glaphrya II, an Anatolian princess
  • The later period of his life
  • What’s known about the corpus of his writings and why his works don’t survive
  • Why he was given the epithet The Scholarly King

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Show Notes

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