Commerce in Ancient Northern Aegean w. Dr Zosia Archibald

Primeval coinage, bars of iron, animal products, olive oil, wine, and more, were used to facilitate trade in the Northern Aegean region in the eastern Mediterranean in ancient times. Senior Lecturer, Dr Zosia Archibald, University of Liverpool, comes on the show to discuss.

Some topics explored

  • What the Northern Aegean region is demarcated to
  • The Thermaic Gulf
  • The main economic hubs in the region
  • When and the circumstances surrounding Rome taking over control in the region for a period of time
  • How trade operated in the region
  • Products discussed such as: coinage, bars of metals, textiles, leather, animal products,, cereals, olive oil, and more
  • Known trade routes in the region
  • The use of maritime trade in the region
  • Contracts between clients and vendors
  • How disputes were settled
  • What was imported from the southern region of Greece

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Show Notes

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