Forming of the Papacy w. Dr Rosamond McKitterick

Professor Emerita & Chair in Medieval History, University of Cambridge, Dr Rosamond McKitterick, joins the show to discuss the formation of the papacy (office of the pope). Dr McKitterick is also a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College.

Some topics explored

  • Jesus’ apostles and the Pentecost
  • Peter and Paul ending up in Rome
  • Paul becoming the first Bishop and why
  • How long it’s believe Peter was in Rome, and why he was executed
  • The changing attitudes to Christianity over time in Roman territories
  • When it’s believed the Papacy, as an institution, formed
  • Constantine’s conversion to Christianity (the first Roman emperor to do so)
  • The congenial relationship between Roman Emperor Constantine & Pope Sylvester I
  • The Catacombs
  • Why the Catholic Church formed in Rome
  • When the Catholic Church is clearly an established organization
  • How governance operates in the Catholic church
  • Different positions in the Catholic Church and their purposes
  • The neologism of Saints and their relevance
  • The process for which popes are selected
  • The purpose of the papacy (the office of the pope)
  • When the papacy grew its geographical auspices
  • Papal decrees and canon law collections, legislation of the church
  • What the office of the papacy may have been influenced by or modelled after
  • Various Roman emperor’s relationship with the papacy over the years
  • Secular royalty’s relationship (e.g., Charlemagne, Otto I) with the Pope over the years

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Show Notes

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