Constantine’s Reign w. Dr. David Potter

Constantine I became a Christian, founded the City of Constantinople, was involved in civil and international military affairs, and more, during his reign as Roman Emperor. Dr. David Potter, Francis W Kelsey Collegiate Professor of Greek and Roman History, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Greek and Latin, University of Michigan, joined the show to discuss Constantine’s reign as a Roman emperor.

Some topics explored

  • How Constantine became emperor and eventually sole emperor
  • Constantine’s actions causing the cessation of the Tetrarchy
  • His adoption of Christianity
  • His religious-oriented policies
  • Christian churches during his reign
  • His founding of Constantinople (or renaming of Byzantium to Constantinople)
  • Constantinople as an imperial capital of Rome during his reign
  • His expansion of the Roman army under his reign
  • Interactions and conflict between The Sasanian Empire and Rome including Constantine commencing war against the Sasanians
  • Succession including his bequeathing of the empire to three of his sons and nephew

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Show Notes

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