Theran Civilization During the Bronze Age w. Dr Louise Hitchcock

The Greek Island of Santorini, in the context of the Bronze Age, was called Thera. Professor of Archaeology, Dr Louise Hitchcock, The University of Melbourne, joins the show again to discuss what civilization on Thera was like during the Bronze Age.

Some topics explored

  • Speculation about if the Therans were from Crete
  • The relationship between Therans and Minoan from a governance perspective
  • A volcano on the island
  • Akrotiri (discovered in the 20th century), a former town on the island where excavations are stil ongoing
  • What’s known about the Theran civilization
  • Textiles and loom weights
  • The late British archaeologist Arthur Evans who performed excavations
  • Minoan civilization including frescoes
  • What’s known and believed about why the Theran civilization ended

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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