Contrasting Constantinople & Rome in the 4th Century w. Dr Lucy Grig

In the fourth century Rome was still a prominent city and Constantinople became a principal city of Rome. Dr Lucy Grig, Senior Lecturer & Head of the Classics Department, The University of Edinburgh, joins the show to discuss the similarities and contrasts between Constantinople and Rome during the century.

Some topics explored

  • Diocletian and his creation of the Tetrarchy and its eventual cessation
  • The geopolitical environment in the Roman Empire in the fourth century
  • The Roman Emperor Constantine
  • The founding of Constantinople in the century (formerly a city called Byzantium)
  • The creation of a legislator in Constantinople
  • The corn doll and how it was used by scholars to create population estimations
  • The Christian churches in Rome and Constantinople
  • Physical buildings including bath houses
  • Various emperors in the fourth century
  • Population estimates in Rome and Constantinople in the century

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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