Early Christian Monasticism in the Eastern Mediterranean w. Dr Andrew Jotischky

Evidence shows that Christian monasticism started in the eastern Mediterranean, and more specifically, Egypt. Professor of Medieval History, Dr Andrew Jotischky, Royal Holloway, University of London, returns to the show to discuss the formation of Christian monasticism in the eastern part of the Basin.

Some topics explored

  • How monasticism is defined
  • When it was believed to be formed
  • Early anchorites (known more popularly as hermites)
  • Christian monasticism
  • The term monk being derived (etymology) from the Greek word monakhos
  • Men and women who were practicing monks
  • When and where Christian monasticism is believed to have started
  • “The Great Persecution” of the Romans against Christian worship in Egypt
  • Why primordial individuals on this topic would have
  • During Constantine’s reign, Christianity becoming more established and becoming more integrated into the Roman state during Constantine
  • Early different versions and traditions of Christianity
  • Why monasticism was practiced
  • Early practitioners of monasticism

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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