Roman Province of Asia w. Dr. Julietta Steinhauer

The seventh province of Rome was called Asia. Dr. Julietta Steinhauer, Lecturer, University College London, joins the show to discuss it.

Some topics explored

  • Etymology of the word Asia
  • What Romans called the province in contemporary times
  • The differences between Asia, Asia Minor, and the Anatolian Peninsula
  • A King bequeathing the region to Rome and what’s known about why
  • The region being provincialized in 129 BCE
  • Corruption that occurred
  • The province being a wealthy territory relatively speaking, and what contributed to this prosperity
  • Conflicts and wars regarding the province
  • Mithridatic Wars
  • Kingdom of Pontus
  • The office of Pro-Consul (Governor) in the province
  • Rome’s tolerance and policy around inhabitants in terms of religion and language
  • The Imperial Cult
  • The number of cities that were in Asia
  • A devastating plague that occurred in this period
  • The circumstances surrounding the end of the area’s provincialization

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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