Etruscans in the 6th Century BCE w. Dr. Alexandra Carpino

The Etruscans were a group of communities, connected through language and culture, that flourished on the Italian peninsula before the Romans. Professor Professor Alexandra Carpino, Department of Comparative Culture Studies at Northern Arizona University, returns to the show to discuss what scholars know about the Etruscans in the sixth century BCE.

Some topics explored

  • Who the Etruscans were
  • What their geographic demarcation was in the sixth century
  • Their trade
  • Bucchero (black pottery linked to the Etruscans)
  • How scholars link different communities to Etruscans
  • If it’s accurate to label the Etruscan communities as city-states
  • Language and its use in the period
  • Etruscan urban planning including evidence that their urban planning had influence over some of Rome’s urban planning decisions
  • Etruscan artwork in the period
  • Temples being building during the century
  • The Etruscan pantheon
  • Certain communities beginning to use coinage
  • Etruscan commerce during the century
  • Etruscan architecture including painted, decorated roofs that included sculptures
  • Etruscan artwork in the century
  • What’s known about Etruscians’ relationship with Rome during this period

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Show Notes

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