Pharaoh Djoser and His Pyramid w. Dr Kamil Kuraszkiewicz

In the 3rd millennium BCE, Egypt accomplished a remarkable feat for its time under Pharaoh Djoser—it united. Polish Egyptologist, Dr Kamil Kuraszkiewicz, Professor, Department of Egyptology, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw, joins the show to explain what scholars know about Pharaoh Djoser of the Third Dynasty and his associated pyramid.

Some topics explored

  • What scholars know about who Pharaoh Djoser was
  • Geopolitics in Egypt at the time of his reign
  • Egypt unifying under his reign
  • His pyramid which is located in the Saqqara, a necropolis with several pyramids in Egypt
  • How scholars know about Djoser
  • His tomb being discovered and part of his mummified body—a foot and part of an arm, under his steppe pyramid in Saqqara
  • Details about the pyramid
  • Administrative personnel that are believed to have functioned on the site (and lived next to the complex) to administer pyramids like Djoser’s, principally performing religious rituals
  • Rituals thought to be performed at his tomb
  • Djoser having two tombs—one for his mummified body and one for religious purposes
  • Other tombs
  • What’s known about if Djoser had marriages and any children
  • Succession after Djoser’s reign
  • The architect Amhenhotep and him being eventually deified
  • Djoser’s pyramid being the first built of stone and this influencing many future developments

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Show Notes

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