Greek Island Architecture in the Bronze Age w. Dr Louise Hitchcock

Dr Louise Hitchcock, The University of Melbourne, joins the show to discuss architecture on the Greek islands in the Bronze Age, including the islands of Crete and Santorini.

Some topics explored

  • How the Bronze Age differentiates from the Copper Age
  • Architecture Ancient Minoa (Crete), Thira (Santorini), and Kea (Thira and Kea are part of the Cyclades island)
  • Mycenaean architecture as a contrast
  • – Sculptures of bulls’ heads found and if they are believed to be representative to Greek mythology about minotaurs
  • Palatial buildings and where they were typically situated on Greek islands
  • Maritime trade
  • Textiles, pottery, wall paintings, and tombs in the age
  • – The types of materials used to create the buildings
  • Minoans interactions with ancient Egypt
  • Non-partial settlements and where they
  • Governance structures and trade amongst the islands

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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