Battle of Ager Sanguinis w. Dr Nicholas Morton

During the Crusades in 1119, a Seljuk Turkic army defeated a Frankish Crusading army in an important battle near Aleppo. Dr Nicholas Morton, Senior Lecturer, School of Arts & Humanities, Nottingham Trent University, shares what happened.

Some topics explored

  • What the words Ager and Sanguinis (Latin words) means in English
  • Background information on the Crusades
  • How and why the First Crusade started and ended
  • The Frankish Crusading and Seljuk Turkic armies that were involved in the battle
  • Why Aleppo was considered an important city
  • What occurred in the battle and the results
  • The long-term implications that the result of the battle had on the Crusading efforts
  • Estimates of how many people were in the battle
  • The long-term implications of the result of the battle
  • The terrain and climate on the day of the battle
  • Stories of camaraderie, friendship and trade that occurred between the factions during the Crusading period

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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