Herodotus w. Dr Oswyn Murray


Herodotus is the oldest Greek historian whose works survive. He has been called the “father of history.” Dr Oswyn Murray, Emeritus Fellow, Balliol College, University of Oxford, joins the show to discuss Herodotus’ life and writings.

Some topics explored

  • What’s known about where he was born and died and when
  • The Greek word logos
  • What Herodotus wrote on
  • How much of his work (corpus) works
  • What he wrote on that survives
  • How the works survived and past hitherto
  • What language Herodotus wrote in
  • Herodotus’ usage of mythology in his history writings
  • History being memory
  • Herodotus’ writings on the Greco-Persian Wars
  • What’s known about the later period of Herodotus’ life

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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