Jewish Commerce in Byzantium w. Dr. Joshua Holo

Dean & Professor at the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Dr. Joshua David Holo, joins the show to share how Jewish people conducted commerce in the Byzantine Empire.

Dr. David Holo is Dean, Jack H. Skirball Campus; Associate Professor of Jewish History at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion.

Some topics explored

  • Estimated population of Jewish people in Byzantium
  • Popular sectors Jewish people ran businesses / supplied products in: Textiles, leather making, producing the Bible in Hebrew, producing Kosher food products
  • Restrictions on Jewish people in joining guilds and the military
  • Relatively speaking, how represented Jewish people were in the business of textiles
  • Importing, domestic trade, exporting
  • Silk production being a trade secret to Constantinople for a period of time
  • The relationship that contemporaries had to exporting, gold, other products
  • How commercial trade varied depending on the region of Byzantium
  • Jewish law and procedures that governed commercial affairs and disputes including the Talmud and the epistolary genre, Responsa
  • Jewish people’s involvement in Maritime trade

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Show Notes

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