Sulla w. Dr Federico Santangelo

The Roman Republic statesman & general, Sulla, did something unusual for the time—he led an army on Rome. Dr Federico Santangelo, Professor of Ancient History, Newcastle University, joins the show to speak about Sulla.

Some topics explored

  • Who Sulla was
  • What’s known about his family
  • The Roman statesman and general, Gaius Marius (six-time Consul)
  • Sulla leading an army in a civil war in the Roman Republic
  • Events during the civil war including what caused it and how it ended
  • Sulla holding of the office of Consul twice during his life
  • His reorganization of the rules around the position of Dictator in the Roman Republic
  • Sulla becoming Dictator in Rome and his eventual resignation
  • Some of the long-term reforms Sulla made and influences he had as Dictator of Rome
  • The later period of his life and death

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Show Notes

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