Rome After the First Punic War w. Dr Kathryn Lomas

Dr Kathryn Lomas, Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Classics and Ancient History, Durham University, joins the show again to discuss what occurred with Rome during the interregnum between the First and Second Punic Wars (241-281 BCE).

Dr Kathryn Lomas appeared previously on the show in the episodes First Punic War w. Dr Kathryn Lomas (May 6, 2021) and Carthage After the First Punic War w. Dr Kathryn Lomas (June 20, 2021)

Some topics explored

  • How the First Punic War began and how it ended
  • Syracuse and its satellite as an ally to Rome during this period
  • The Roman province of Sicilia
  • The historian Polybius’ works on this topic
  • King Agron of Illyria
  • Interactions that Rome had with Adriatic Greek cities
  • Queen Teuta of Illyria and her foreign policies & conquests during her reign
  • Conflicts, including two wars, between Rome and the Illyrians
  • Many Greek city states in this period developing a closer relationship with Rome
  • Peace treaties between Rome & Illyria
  • King Agron & Queen Teuta’s child & King Demetrius of Pharos
  • Rome establishing client-states in the Dalmatian Coast area
  • The Celts / Gauls being in the northern Italian Peninsula and their interactions with Rome
  • The Sinones being established south of the Po River
  • Rome annexing the Islands of Sardinia and Corsica from Carthage
  • Rome expanding north
  • The circumstances surrounding the Second Punic War (218 BCE) occurring

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