Social War w. Dr Federico Santangelo

The Social War, also known as the Marsic War, took place on the Italian Peninsula in the 1st century BCE between Rome and its allied communities. Dr Federico Santangelo, Professor of Ancient History, Newcastle University, joins the show to explain what happened and why it occurred.

Professor Santangelo previously appeared on the podcast in the episodes Sulla w. Dr Federico Santangelo (June 6, 2021) and Marius w. Dr Federico Santangelo (June 15, 2021).

Some topics explored

  • What the Social War was
  • Its former name
  • The communities involved in the Social War, and the communities relationship to the Roman Republic
  • Why the Social War occurred
  • What the composition of Rome was in this period
  • Historians who wrote on the war in the ancient period
  • The allies forming a federal coalition
  • The allies that entered the war and those that stayed neutral
  • How the war ended
  • The war’s long-term implications
  • Octavian Augustus’ efforts later in the century to unify the peninsula

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

  • Professor Santangelo is author of numerous works including authoring the book Marius (Bloomsbury, 2015) and contributing a chapter on the Social War in the book The People of Ancient Italy (De Gruyter, 2017).

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