Second Punic War w. Dr Kathryn Lomas

The Second Punic War was the second of three wars principally fought between Rome and Carthage, and lasted 17 years. Dr Kathryn Lomas, Durham University, returns to the show to explain the series of events.

Dr Lomas has appeared previously on the show in these episodes:

Some topics explored

  • Why the war started including Hannibal besieging Saguntum in the Iberian Peninsula
  • An interpretation of which state violated the treaty formed at the end of the First Punic War
  • A Greek writer, who had favourable relations to Rome, Polybius, who wrote about the war
  • Hannibal besieging the Italian peninsula, including him bringing an army, including elephants, over the Alps
  • Hannibal creating an alliance with various groups including some allied communities on the Italian peninsula and King Philip V of Macedon
  • Rome’s response to the peninsular siege including conscripting enslaved people and those with criminal records to join the army to build up their number
  • How many elephants Hannibal brought into the Italian peninsula
  • Battle of Cannae (August 2nd, 216 BCE) in Italy
  • Hannibal’s diplomatic efforts during the war
  • The Roman leader Scipio and his involvement in the war
  • Battle of Zama (202 BCE) in northern Africa
  • Numidia’s role in the later period of the war
  • Rome’s victory of the war
  • The treaty between Rome and Carthage after the Second Punic War
  • Hannibal’s life after the Second Punic War

Listen to the episode

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Show Notes

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