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FREE shipping to Canada and United States on orders over $100


For a second time in three years Canadian writer and entrepreneur, Andrew Schiestel, visited the Island of Ithaca, Greece, one of the world's most fulcrum mythological islands.

One morning while in a European-style curbless tiled step-in shower in a house on the pier in Vathy—Ithaca’s most populated village—Andrew lathered himself in a Greek shampoo and body wash that his Airbnb host left for him, called Korres.

As the aroma perforated Andrew’s senses, he fell in love. It was visceral and like nothing he’d experienced before. Between Christina, the host, purchasing some extra bottles of Korres on Andrew’s behalf and Andrew finding more supply for sale in a tiny apothecary in Stavros, a content village on the northern side of the island, Andrew travelled with a small allotment back to Canada.

When showering each morning the aromas would cause him to reminisce—imaginatively teleporting him back to the island. It was as if bringing the product back from Greece allowed the memories of his trip to last longer and live more vivaciously. And he wondrously experienced these feelings every morning.

But then he ran out of shampoo.

Andrew searched the web and was able to find only one of the two types of soaps. Christina lent a hand and began graciously sourcing bottles in Greece and couriering them all the way to Andrew in Canada. Andrew’s mother even began to adore the shampoo and began using it. Christina periodically mailing Andrew bottles was enormously helpful but the process couldn’t last.

And the seeds for were sown. & The Odyssey

In one of humanity’s most epic poems, Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, after spending 10 years fixated in the legendary Trojan War, experienced an arduous decade-long journey back to his wife, son and cherished island of providence. 

In Odysseus' travels, he spent time in foreign lands with cultivated denizens, was stranded on an island, had to battle his own human temptations, all with the goal of one day returning home. is a salute to the epic poem, The Odyssey, a nod to each of our own individual odysseys, and is an avenue for people all around the world to shop for their most beloved products from Mediterranean countries—along with those products yet to be discovered—and to bring these products home.

A home is a metaphorically powerful place. And through you can enhance your home and your experience of living.

Enjoy The place where you bring the Mediterranean home.